Cream, Crime & Cupcakes – ebook


A romantic feelgood novel about four girlfriends, fraud, love, excitement, and lots of
When Miranda and her girlfriends go on a well deserved holiday, they don’t realise
that there lives will be upside down very soon. Two find the love of their life but
before that, they are burglard, shot at and one of them is kidnapped.
The first meeting of Miranda and Marc Lutz is a disaster. She calls him a moron from
that moment on, with a capital M. It takes an accidentally changed suitcase at the
airport to bring them together again. The meeting only confirms her idea about Marc
so she goes for Tim! What a terrific kisser he is.
Marc doesn’t realise all this as he is being absorbed in a complex fraud in his firm.
The moment he becomes a suspect himself, he is forced to start his own
investigations. Miranda though, keeps occupying his thoughts and dreams. When
she becomes a suspect too, everything switches into overdrive…And then people
start to die.

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